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Ultimate Go Public Strategy

The Ultimate “Go Public” Option For Today’s Small Businesses

You want to take your small business public, but you are unsure of where to go and how to make it happen. More investment bankers than you can remember have told you “NO” and you are hesitant to play the public shell game. What other alternatives are there for a small business to “go public”? “IPO Consulting Services TURNKEY PROGRAM” is the answer.

Developed especially for the small business, this” turnkey program” using the S-1 Registration is the ultimate “go public” option for today’s small businesses. The program completely eliminates the finicky investment banker while removing the sky-high costs and hidden liabilities typically associated with public shells. And most importantly it leaves you in complete control of your company and you still know all of your shareholders.

The IPO Consulting Services team of professionals starts with a top-to-bottom review and analysis of your business and its objectives, both short-term and long-term. With this knowledge they then prepare and file all of the necessary corporate documents (reincorporation if necessary) and securities registration statements required.

The result of IPO Consulting Services diligence: your company is given a clean bill of health and left with its own stock symbol on the OTC Bulletin Board. Other than “going public”, the biggest benefit of IPO Consulting Services turnkey program is there are no hidden costs and no surprises before (or after) all final agreements are signed other than Audits.

The turnkey program is affordable for an OTCBB listing. In short, IPO Consulting Services turnkey program gets you trading faster than most investment banks, saves you hundreds of thousands of dollars over the typical public shell transaction, and keeps you in control of your business, making it the ultimate “go public” option for today’s small businesses.

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