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Going Public For Foreign Companies

If you are a foreign private or public company, we can help you become a publicly traded company in the US.

For foreign companies that are already public in another domicile we can do a new listing for you in the US and dual list you or we can form an American Depository Receipt which is also know as an ADR. ADR’s can trade over the counter or on NASDAQ or other exchanges. If you want to trade as an over the counter ADR American Depository Receipt you will not require audited financials. A dual listing or an ADR is an excellent way for foreign public company to go public in the US.

We can assist foreign private companies in going public. A foreign company which goes public and trades its securities in the United States builds a relationship with its market makers (many of whom are also underwriters) and becomes known to American investors. This exposure may make more likely the obtaining of an underwriter for subsequently raising capital.

When going public you can choose to be a company in the domicile of your choice; your home country, another off-shore destination or here in the United States. The choice is yours. In some cases, there may be tax advantages gained from this. Please check with your tax advisor.

A foreign company can also establish a United States corporation as a subsidiary and register the subsidiary’s securities. Some foreign companies elect to establish a United States corporation and make the foreign company a wholly-owned subsidiary of the United States corporation.

For the finest services in going public be it as a new public company, a stock exchange dual listing or ADR we can assist you with that.

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